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Fairfax CEREC Computer Imaging

We are proud to be a recognized provider of the CEREC Cad Cam technology to our Fairfax patients. The CEREC Cad Cam system keeps us in the forefront of current dental technology. We can produce a dazzling all-porcelain crown, veneer, inlay, or onlay in less than 2 hours in our Fairfax office. Dr. Stringham has completed advanced training for CEREC and cad-cam dentistry from the Scottsdale Center for Dentistry, in addition to advanced training from Great Lakes Education Center. 

Scanning your prepared tooth with the AC BlueCam produces an image that is more accurate than taking an impression with that old goopy stuff and it takes only seconds. Within minutes we can design and mill a custom restoration.

This technology is only used by a small percentage of dentist in the nation but it is catching on fast. We already have 4 years of experience and amazing results with the CEREC system.

Imagine, breaking a tooth, walking into our office and in less than 2 hours walking out with a new permanent crown. What's even better, there is no ugly metal line at the gumline and you didn't need to wait 3 weeks with a temporary crown.

This technology ranks with dental implants as one of the two most important advances in dentistry in the past 25 years.

What does this innovation mean for a patient? 

A tooth-colored restoration means no more silver fillings discoloring smiles. The filling is natural-looking, compatible with tissue in the mouth, anti-abrasive and plaque-resistant. Dentists no longer need to create temporaries or take impressions and send them to a lab. Because of this, the traditional second visit has been eliminated. The CEREC has over a decade of clinical research and documentation to support the technology. The restorations have been proven precise, safe and effective.

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